We are in the business of helping horse owners achieve the goals they set for each horse. We will provide the highest standard of care for equine athletes. We are committed to continuously better ourselves through education to further enhance the diagnostic and treatment options we provide. At all times, we will focus on excellent client communication and uphold strong ethical standards.

Foxwood Equine is committed to helping you achieve your goals and will provide the highest quality of care for your horse.


Equine Acupuncture is the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCVM) which has been used to treat horses for thousands of years.  It involves examination of diagnostic points along the body to determine areas of sensitivity or pain.  There are many different ways to treat with TCVM, including dry needles, applying electrostimulation, burning herbs on needles or injecting into the points.  Laser and acupressure is also commonly used. 

Digital Radiology

We utilize state-of-the-art digital radiography to obtain excellent quality images.  Our equipment allows us to clearly image skulls, necks and backs along with typical areas of the body.  Our images are easily shared with referring or consulting veterinarians, allowing input from multiple sources.


We can clearly and accurately diagnose soft tissue injury with our high quality ultrasound equipment. With soft tissue injuries, it is important to reevaluate the damaged structure periodically ensure healing is occurring appropriately before increasing work.  We also utilize the ultrasound for precise injection of structures such as cervical facets of the neck, sacroiliac joints and soft tissue core lesions. 

Lameness diagnosis

For equine athletes to perform at the top of their game they need to be sound.  It is important to be able recognize lameness at the onset before it hinders performance.  Whether it is routine soundness examinations to detect subtle lameness early or evaluation of an injury we believe in the systematic approach to localizing issues.  This commonly involves palpations, flexions, evaluating movement under saddle or on the lunge line.  We also use diagnostic blocking and imaging as needed.

Individualized rehabilitation plans

Every injury is different, so therefore every horse rehabilitation is different.   We tailor our rehabilitation plans based on extent of injury, the horse’s career and the owner’s budget.  Open communication and reevaluation during rehabilitation is paramount to successful outcomes.

Pre-purchase exams

Whether you are buying $2000 or a $2 million dollar horse, an educated decision is vital to ensure the horse will meet your expectations.  We evaluate the entire horse, from head to tail.  A full lameness work-up is essential to this process and allows us to advise on necessary diagnostic imaging.  Owners receive a full report, including pictures, and copies of images that are obtained.

Preventative care

Every horse needs vaccinations, deworming, dental care and bloodwork on a periodic basis.  We advise clients on their horses particular needs and help plan these essential services around competitions.